Radical Liberal Jon Ossoff
Out-of-District D.C. Liberal Hiding from The Truth
Jon Ossoff
D.C. Carpetbagger
Ossoff spent most of his adult life living in Washington and cozying up to Beltway liberals. Jon Ossoff doesn't live in Georgia's 6th Congressional District and he isn't registered to vote here.
The Truth
Radical Liberal Jon Ossoff
Far Left Liberal
Nancy Pelosi and her Democrat Party machine are backing Ossoff’s campaign because they know he will support their far-left agenda. Ossoff's political mentor is ultraliberal Congressman Hank Johnson who is on record calling Jewish Israelis "termites." In fact, 95% of his donors are out-of-state liberals.
Jon Ossoff Lies
The Truth
Lies on his Resume
Ossoff claimed he was a senior national security staffer in Congress with a top secret clearance for five years but he was actually a full-time college student for almost half of that time. He repeatedly misled voters about his experience and it finally caught up to him. Ossoff’s own campaign team was forced to admit he was only in a national security staff role held a security clearance for roughly five months. Of course, Ossoff needs to embellish his resume when his only other experience is working for a foreign company who did extensive business with Al Jazeera.
The Truth
Jon Ossoff has Radical Friends
Radical Friends
Ossoff hides the fact that his company works with Al Jazeera, the terrorist-sympathizing network that served as the mouthpiece for Osama Bin Laden. Ossoff personally made more than $5,000 from Al Jazeera even though they have a history of inciting anti-American violence throughout the Muslim world and their backers have been accused of bankrolling terrorists.
The Truth About Jon Ossoff
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